A diverse offering

A varied range of greenery. And what we don’t grow ourselves, we get from our regular suppliers. High-quality green and delivered quickly. But what is included in that offer? Read more about it here.

Avenue trees

Avenue trees are the largest category of trees at Huverba.

Available in hundreds of varieties and different transplant categories such as 2xV, 3xV and 4xV. The choice is yours: from continued cultivation to beautiful large solitary trees with the right crown height and shape.


Our shrubs are grown in pots from P9 to even 20 liters.

And whether it concerns large numbers or exclusive varieties; Our shrubs are immediately ready for use and available from stock.


Grasses, herbs, bamboo or bedding plants: we supply perennials in any pot size you wish.


Topiary trees

Over three to five years, these trees have been professionally pruned into beautiful and practical shapes.

Avenue trees, multi-trunks, topiary trees and solitaires. The quality is reflected in, among other things, the good root system, the excellent crown-trunk ratio and a beautiful crown shape.


With three to five trunks, these multi-trunks are real eye-catchers for a garden, park or estate.



Evergreen hedges, grown in the right soil. For dense hedges in the correct width-length ratio.


Trees in container

To ensure planting all year round, we offer a wide range of container-grown trees.


Hedge elements

Ready-made hedges, grown in containers. They form a dense barrier for immediate privacy.


Aquatic plants

Specialized growers supply a wide range of the most beautiful water plants in P9, plug or 3 liter basket.


Flower bulbs

From crocus, tulip, to gladiolus. We supply certified plant material for guaranteed flowering in spring and summer.



Full plants with at least three tendrils. Grown to the end of the cane, to make an immediate impact when planted.


Forest plantation

One-year seedlings or transplanted several times. Our range of forest plants knows no bounds.


Fruit trees

The pearls of the Betuwe. Our fruit trees are carefully grafted onto the correct rootstock. For perfect growth and fruits.


Huverba is your total supplier of green! Our own nurseries, hubs and suppliers make this possible. Due to efficiency in our logistics process, you will receive one delivery with all your greenery. Huverba, brings green together.