About us

We are proud of our rich history. Starting as a grower of fruit and avenue trees, we can now count ourselves as one of the largest suppliers of trees and plants in Europe. With the unique approach that we can deliver everything.

About us

Huverba through the years

How it all started

Our founder Johan Derk Huibers (Dik) was born on January 15, 1877 in Opheusden. Starting as a postman, he switched to growing small fruit and fruit trees in the 1930s.
At that time everything flourished again, including in the village of Opheusden. Fruit prices rose and the demand for fruit trees increased. Just after the First World War, in 1920, exports resumed. This year also saw the first apple trees from Dik go to Belgium.

Around that time, in addition to the demand for fruit trees, there was also a demand for avenue trees, and Dik immediately responded to this by planting his first avenue trees. From 1925, exports to Germany also started. At this time, linden and oak were the main products in the market. To give an indication of the prices during this period: a hectare of trees yielded 2,300 guilders annually and a hectare of fruit yielded 2,100 guilders. A lime tree of size 8-10 cost 2.00 guilders and a linden of size 10-12 cost 2.50 guilders.


With this beautiful history under our belt, we can call Huverba a total supplier of trees and plants throughout Europe. Our nurseries grow 1.5 million potted plants every year and we also grow our avenue trees and multi-stem trees on more than 100 hectares. And we are quite proud of that. But what really makes us unique is our enormous network of suppliers. Thanks to them, our offering does not stop at our own cultivation, but we can really offer everything our customer asks for.

Over the years, offering this total package has taught us several things. Our logistics process is in a good space: we have learned how to complete the great diversity of orders from our customers. Our internally developed software makes paper a thing of the past and we are particularly efficient in preparing orders in order to deliver the products at the right time and to the right place.

The future

Since a new generation has taken over in 2022, there are plenty of plans to further develop Huverba in the coming years. This is especially true in the areas of sustainability and modernization, but also by adapting the range of trees to the changing climate. These so-called climate trees require less moisture and thrive better in unpredictable, changing weather conditions.

Making our machine and vehicle fleet more sustainable is high on the agenda. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, the electric forklifts and aerial platforms also provide better working conditions for our staff. Our 300 solar panels now provide us with sufficient electricity. In addition, we are continuously looking for alternative, more environmentally friendly methods to protect our crops, allowing us to continue to reduce the use of chemical pesticides with the aim of being completely chemical-free.


What we do

Brings green together: this through our own cultivation of trees and plants and supplementing this with greenery from suppliers. Quality, sustainability & job satisfaction come first. Every single day.

Specialists in growing trees

100 hectares of tree nursery

We have approximately 100 hectares of both clay and sand plots. To put it in terms of football fields: about 145 of them.

We grow a varied range of avenue trees, multi-stems and solitaries that are grown in different sizes: young trees to trees that have been transplanted four times with a trunk circumference of 25 cm or more!

In recent years, our focus has been on climate-resistant trees, the first of which have recently been delivered to our customers. We work closely with our suppliers and the knowledge centers.

  • Avenue trees, multi-stemmed and solitary trees
  • Wide range of climate trees
  • 700+ species
  • High quality
  • Passionate employees

Widely oriented plant growers


12.5 hectares of potted plants

As many as one and a half million plants are grown every year in both the greenhouses and our pot fields. Our range consists of more than a thousand species: from shrubs, ornamental grasses and roses to perennials. We grow these in sizes ranging from 1.5 liters to even 20 liter pots.

  • Large diversity of pot sizes
  • Grown sustainably
  • Biological crop protection
  • 1000+ species

Large network of suppliers

Within Europe we have a broad network of suppliers who supply from both open field and container cultivation. This allows us to supply a total package to the green sector, such as: landscapers, gardeners, landscape architects, contractors, maintenance companies and traders.

  • Main location in the avenue tree center of Europe
  • Wide range of trees and plants
  • Efficient distribution
  • Several logistics hubs

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Meet our team

Most of our employees grew up in the avenue tree center of Europe.

As a close-knit team, we give Huverba the character of an enthusiastic employer who always thinks in terms of possibilities and is there for you at all times.

Derk van Dorland

Commercial Director

Gijsbert Arends

Operational director

Gerrit Mulder

Finance Director

Gerbrand Koster

The Netherlands

Arnoud van Lavieren

Germany, Sweden & Norway

Karel Visser

Austria, Switzerland, Denmark & France

Dave Maarssen

United Kingdom & Ireland

Marco Mauritz

France & Spain

Zbigniew Jan Luzynski

Eastern Europe

Kees van Daalen

Trees & plants

CornΓ© van Noort

Trees & plants

John Vermasen

Trees & plants

Eelco Bruinooge


AndrΓ© Gietman


Mascha van Heumen

Financial administration

Sara Mulder

Administration & order processing

Geja Maarssen - van Kleef

Administration & order processing

Willy Krouwel

Administration & order processing

Manon van de Kolk

Administration & order processing

Teus van Meerten

Backoffice & social media

This is how we deliver

Huverba brings green together, we take care of that personally. We grow ourselves, buy, collect, bundle and deliver all your greenery in one go to the place you want. A one-stop shop for all your greenery.

From flower bulb to tree


Would you like to work at Huverba?

We form a close-knit team. Together we give Huverba the character of an enthusiastic employer who always thinks in terms of possibilities.